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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis Members and Sloan Foundation 

Reflections 1992 

Eckerd College 

4200 54 Avenue South 

Saint Petersburg, Florida 33711 

Welcome To 

Life at Eckerd College is as 
diverse as the multicultural stu- 
dent body. From picnics and 
waterfront to Autumn Term 
and graduation we live and 
work and play together every- 
day for four years. In both the 
happy and trying times we 
make friends that we will cher- 
ish forever. In the pages of this 
book is a record of those people 
and the times we spent togeth- 
er. Starting with Spring Semes- 
ter 1991 and going through 
Graduation 1992 the memories 
can be found by turning the 

/ M 


Table Of 

4 Spring Semester 1991 

18 Events 

32 Class of 1992 

49 Dorms 

66 Clubs and Organizations 

81 Sports 
100 Events 
120 Ads 
128 Reflections Staff 

... | 

Spring Ball 

Rap and Latin tunes filled the air as stu- 
dents danced the night away at the formal 
event of second semester, Spring Ball. The 
event, sponsored by the Afro-American so- 
ciety, took place at the Howard Johnson's 
near the college. Students enjoyed seeing 
their friends dressed in outfits other than 
the traditional Eckerd shorts, t-shirts, and 
no-shoes look. Tuxedoes and dressy gowns 


Day 1991 

The environment and protection of the 
earth was the primary focus at Earth Day 
1991. Students celebrated with a band be- 
hind Delta complex, and various booths ad- 
vertised organizations involved with saving 
the planet. Fresh fruit was available, and 
many students enjoyed a picnic lunch in 
the open, where they were entertained by 
performers such as Freshman Tag Eng- 
strom, who juggled objects ranging from 
food to household tools. Even when the fes- 
tivities had ended, however, Eckerd stu- 
dents would be reminded that Every Day 
should be Earth Day. 



Miss Lynch 

Amy Morrison 


Sean McCandless 


Karen Zalieckas 


Lisa Signorelli 


Judy Picard 


Kate Field 


Kirby Palkoner 


Rob Kadel 


Chris Casey 


Willie Puz 


Beth Lehman 


Cloeen O'Mara 


Tyler Bunch 


Patrick Sheehy 


Darcy McCullom 


Greg Kreger 


Cassandra Voigt 


Kristin Davis 


Heather Dewar 


Amy McKee 


Sean Bird 


Mandy Ward 



Hi *•* L. WLL 

o o 


» tf 



M 1 



Bullshit Ballet 199 

Red Rage 1991 

Red Rage, Eckerd's ever-popular spirit 
week, roared into action in the wee hours of 
the morning when a fire truck made the 
rounds of the dormitories, waking people 
up for a sunrise pep rally in Slater's Woods. 
Although some students stayed in bed and 
others expressed their displeasure at being 
roused from slumber by pelting the truck 
with water balloons, most Ecks put on their 
red and white and came out for the festivi- 
ties (and the Saga doughnuts). Complexes 
tried to out-cheer each other, with a prize 
awarded for the most enthusiasm. 

The week continued with spirit events, 
culminating in the big basketball game 

against rival school Rollins. Eckerd stu- 
dents turned out in mass for the different 
sports events that took place throughout 
the week. T-shirts proclaiming that "The 
Heat is On" were everywhere, and some 
students even painted their faces school 
colors to show their support. 

Signs and banners decorated the campus 
proclaiming the superiority of the Tritons 
over any opponents foolish enough to chal- 
lenge them. Cheerleaders had a busy week 
psyching up the student body, and events 
ranging from a pre-game rally with free 
chicken wings to parties after the games 
kept students excited throughout the week. 

f ^ 


Graduation 1991 

. t* 


When asked what her favorite memory of Autumn term was, one first 
year student exclaimed, "The dry campus, of course." Plenty of activities 
kept these new students busy as they worked through their Autumn Term 
classes. Several students blasted their way into the Fall semester after 
leaving us with memories of an "Improvisational Mating Dance" and a 
"Day in the Life of a Female R.A." during Autumn Term Talent night. As 
always, Autumn Term provided a catalyst for these new students as they 
came bounding into Eckerd College, finding friends, fun, and maybe a few 
parties . . . 

..i:.'^"'-'i;'-'l.'.-i 1 : ; :Ii"/': , .^' S ' .. , ' ^ . :!,• 



; CflptflinCrunch 

x /^T^x^ .PIRATE OF 

> l ^—^> frenchman's 



iSO Gpldfiects j 


doll I 


10 Gold^Piece: 

i 7 *Q?45S 

Hi,::?'!!*' J 1 1 



Delta Boxer Shorts 

Zeta Halloween 

Good Vibrations filled the air of Dendy McNair. Tom 
Deluca's hypnotic performance absorbed our attention . . 
literally. Our classmates were transformed into movie 
characters before our eyes ... the Wonder Twins and even 
Chewbacca roared to life. Dormmates on stage suddenly 
regressed and began expressing their love of Bobby Brady 
(he wasn't shot, . . . was he?) and Booberry Crunch cereal. 
And they wondered why we were laughing after Deluca 
brought them out of their trances . . . 

Henry Cho 

"Go mow yawd." He was funny. Not just , but funny, 

funny. The hecklers in the front row were am hilated twice, first 
by their peers, and then by Henry Cho, "I do tl or a living . . 
. you're not going to win," he said with a grin. H 
the stage in his cowboy boots leaving us laughing. 



The Class 



Juan Carlos Abanses 

: : : 

Jay Alou 

Keith Aebischer 

Scott Alexander 

Kimberly Amendola 

Mana Almana 

Ignacio Ayestaran 

Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** 

Leigh Ann Babigian 

Kirsten Barber 

Shiv Basu 

James Beeler 

Tanya Bieniek 

Midiana Bilik 

Laura Blasi 

Adrian Blida 

Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors * 

David Bluestein 

Mark Bonfiglio 

Jeff Borza 

George Breitweiser 

Colleen Brennan 

Michael Broderick 

Scott Brodkorb 

Tyler Bunch 

Erik Calhoun 

John Campbell 

Dawn Carney 

eniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** 

Tom Chully 

Elizabeth Clark 

Katrina Clark 

Sean Cleary 

Nina Babette Collins 

Kimber Colton 

Edon Copparini 

Heather Crawford 

Jody Davis 

Katherine Davis 

Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors 

Damon Day 

Jody Dayon 

Pitt Derryberry 

Jennifer Dickerson 

P.J. Dillon 

Chrisyn Dolbier 

Axel Dross 

Elizabeth Eaton 

Grenita Ellis 

Katherine Ericson 

James Ervin 

Kimberly Fagen 


Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** 

Christy Falkenstein 

Yolanda Farley 

Stephanie Farrell 

Robert Fedor 

1^ ' £a^^J| 





Kathryn Fenderson 

Kimberly Ferris 

Vincent Bryce Fischer 

Danny Freeland 

James French 

Denise Frinier 

Nicole Gallagher 

Michael Garner 


— — — ^ — . 

Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors 


■ <TT J 

I >J 

Russell Gehman 

Karl Gettmann 


Tara Gilbertson 

Christopher Gilmore 

Rosary Giuliano 

Amy Goossens 

Kathleen Gossett 

Cathy Graham 

Tish Grundmanis 

Karen Gulla 

Patricia de Gyldenfeldt 

Garen Haddad 

Seniors ""** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** 

Lisa Ireland 

Dawn Jackson 

Kelsey Jordahl 

Stacy Karp 

Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors ** 

,/;V. t 


Andre Karsten 

William Keating 

Jennifer Kiellach 

Lisa Kirchner 

Casey Kulscar 

Kris La Bella 

Suzanne La More 

Erich Landrum 


£ I 

■?.• n 

Hillary Larson 

Jennifer Leve 

Rob Leventhal 


Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** 

Gary Makinson 

Melissa McGowan 

Andrew McRae 

Joe Messina 

v It 

Leslie Morri 

John Mueller 

Coy Miller 

Steve Nadel 


Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors ** 

Debra Nail 

Dawn Neville 

Simon Nys 

Laura Oakes 

Todd Osborne 

Laura Oldanie 

Heather Omerod 

Alicia Ormond 

Tara O'Brien 

John O'Flanagan 

John O'Sullivan 

Jason Palmateer 

Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors * 


arbi Palummeri 

Edward Pasque, Jr. 

Kristen Patterson 

Christopher Patton 

Malinda Pauly 

Wendy Pepping 

Victoria Perk 

Stephanie Peterson 


Jan-Hein Phelps 

Gregory Pike 

William Puz 

William Pyper 

Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors " 


Melissa Rimstidt 

Royal (Sim) Ripley 

Jeffrey Robinson 

Beth Rogers 

Denise Rudy 

Thomas Russell 

Bill Sanderson 

Giulio Scarnera 

Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** 

Erich Schultz 

Ian Schweid 

Greta Setterlind 

David Shaffer 

II. H 


Lisa Signorelli 

Kristian Smith 

David Spielvogel 

Sandra Steele 

Julie Stevenson 

Kerry Stevenson 


Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors * 

Gregg Sudduth 

Matthew Sullivan 

Arturo Sus 

" \m Wm mm **» ■«» ^4 

Leesa Swint 

Elizabeth Testa 

Timothy Thielen 

E : P l 

Catherine Tooze 

Ellen Turco 

Barbara Underbrink 

Jim Votav 

Laura Wanner 

Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** Seniors *** 

Julie Webb 

Anastasia Weierbach 

James Nicholas Welch 

Jim Welch 

John Whitaker 

Ann Marie Yali 

Quinton Zondervan 

Katheryn Zucker 

Erik Zylman 

N o±iv a 


HU ^£ 6t 



^ %, ^//v 

% V 
\ ^ 


r niSC hi Left to right on 
stairs: Lynne Very, Lily, EddShouton. 
Carter Elsey, Staci, Andrew Woods. 
Gary Metelista, Christy, Alan, 
Jeejeebhoy. Kim Ruesh, Maria Alou, 
Dan Harrington, Thu Lee, Amy 
Schmalz, Ellie Schemenauer, Mitch 
Harper, Dortrecia Moore, Mary 
Connelly. Left to right on ground: 
Tim Hires, Andrew Dehand, Steve 
Barshov, Alex Wright, Marianna 
Pomphile, Nichole Earnst, Anita Tho- 
mas, Doug Webb, Victor Biez 

Moon, RA Debi Robson, Julie 
Garbaccio, Rino Rotta, Randi 
Grabow. SECOND ROW: Stacey 
Hopkins, Steven Grondell, Jennie 
Stevens, Chase Kearl, Nick Green, 
Megan Frayer, Laura Klahre, Shan- 
non Varner, Michelle Mestler, THIRD 
ROW: Vic Stephens, Floyd, Frank 
Prassel, Dave, Britt Viehman, Rich 
Klepacz, Charlotte Butzin, 
Continued Bottom Left 

Mill House Continued. 
Chris Manganiello, 
Janna MilTer, Mark 
Cubberly, Marlene 
Sloger, Brad 

Magnarelb, Micah Wil- 
son, Quincy, BACK 
ROW: Jennie 

Mountjoy, Karen Pike. 
Naz, Jackie Zinser. 
Christine Fyrberg. 

G e PS M Wl n I STAIRS BOTTOM TO TOP: Patricia Bodden. Heidi Mauro, Marcia Emery, 
Tracy Ward. Sandy Ritchie, Jennifer Fraas, Allison Ward, Geneve Menscher, Rachel Stanley, Dawn 
Jackson, Karen Drapeau, Emily Poulson, Emily Plank, AyaTanaka,Traci Ness, Rie Wakui, Heather Huff, 
Maya Hirt, Amy Stenberg, BALCONY, LEFT TO RIGHT: Laura Brink, Kelly Bannon, Heather 
Cameron, Emma Munoz, Jacqueline Shoemaker, Suzannah Burton, Danielle Staker. 

ly . LYING DOWN: Jeff Mara, KNEELING (LEFT TO RIGHT): Abdoulaye N'Diave, Frank 
Halley, Steve Taylor, Kamil Khan, John Jachrimo, Magrey deVega, STANDING (LEFT TO RIGHT): Ryan 
Carreau, Darby Uhlinger, Ben Shapiro, Gerald Joseph, Frank Newsome, Brian Salvatori, Doug McNeilly, Ivan 
Doitchinov, Tom Beliech, Chris Koelling, Zachary Walen, Jason Irwin, Brian Rathmell, Tom Russin, Neil York, 
Adil Khan, Darrin Clark. 

lJ 3 nXG . FRONT ROW: Mike McCormaok, Whiteman, Graham Gerdeman, Rob Meier, SECOND ROW: Mike 
Scharden, Mike Lawrence, Zak Stroller, Cooper Nelson, Michael Ortega-Edwards, Jesse Thompson, FRONT 
ROW: Greg Pearce, Bradley Sulewski, Thad Mulsap, Jim Edwards, Damon Vasilkroti, Richard Copeland, Brian 
Ellis, Al Perrone, MarkQlures, Kirk Mitchell. 

Darwin i ground, front row 

Blackman, Tanya Riverbu 

deGyldenfelolt, Yuko Okazatc < iberly Amendola, Yasl 
Passinos, BACK ROW: fjlfl Shanabrook, Dorothy 
Chua, Victoria Alaba, Kathy Pet- on, Dapheny Gaylord, 
Joy Bryan, Gretchen Smutnr . a Carpenter, UP- 

STAIRS, FRONT ROW: Karen Zali - • hawna Green 
Carine O'Neil, Sandy Wieneckc 
ROW: Connie, Carolyn, Rosio, 
Bayer, Tanya Spower. 

Bell edlCtl (BELOW) Susan Schultz, Tammy 
Blom, Sarah Josephson, Tina Reulbach, Jo Ellen Lee, 
Christina Juska, Angela Andrew, Larissa Romer, Kristie 
Smith, Travis Thompson.Jouv Grimaluskus, Lea Biscontini, 
Kari Tank, Alisa Praskovich, Mary Hord, Jennifer Collins, 
Sharon Leathers, Ginger Lynn.Tarrah O'Neill, Amy Caputo, 
Antranese Fontenot (RA), Hosanna Schwable, Jennifer 
Burton, Jennifer Miller, Anayansi English, Tanya Shah, 
Hannah Al-Khabbaz, Diana Evans, Lucy Kozikowski. 

WilSOn I FRONT ROW: Elizabet Matos, Amy Cooperman, Lisa McNaughton, Kate Field, Katrina Osborne, 
Janet Zimmerman, Katrina Shindledecker. ROW TWO: Amelia Neat, Amy Fenaughty, Linda Ragland, Merrilee 
Mundahl, Annemarie Hennelly, Christie McLeod, Stephanie Misko, Christiana Dawson, Laura Conklin. ROW THREE: 
Cassandra Voigt, Fritzi Brocklebank, Mindy Bogue, Christa Calamas, Laurel Hackinson, Chris Shagen, Helene 
Dembroski, Samantha Drake. BACK ROW: Laura Harriman, Beth Hockman, Lisa Portsman, Jana Boehm, Laura 

rrGGmSn* FRONTROW: DebbiCoglianese, Donna Robinson, Tiffany, Todd Montgomery, 
Sala Khuvhro, Jesse DeGeorge. MIDDLE ROW: Beth Higgins, Melanie King.Joselle Germano.Jeanne 
Wright, Grenita Ellis, Christine Hotwagner, Philippa Davies, Shana Kraai, Kelly McClung. BACK 
ROW: Janet Browm, Renee Bourgeault, Heather White, Julie Michaelson, Karin Vaa, Steve Brundage, 
Jason Christy, Dean Sprigg, Andy Bruening, Sim Ripley, Josh Saum, Catherine Choomack, Bryce 

[Knox: top 

Reppert, Frank W 
Becky Burke, Kathryn Zucker, 
' an ! Vandeven, Mitch Reimann: 
MIDDLE ROW: John Scanlon. 
kmy Osterborg, Major 
Mittandorf, Brian Schneider, 

TOM ROW: Barbara 
Underlavink, Jen Kazwell, 
Cyrus McWilliams. 

NeWtOm FRONT ROW: Jessica Blake. Lauren Pape, Richard Flynn.Jason Bauer, Costa Tsiokos. MIDDLE 
ROW: Jason Raymond Jim Vigue, Kristin Davis, Kate Colussy, Sally Larson, Kirby Palkoner, Chris Carr.BaYsha Large. 
BACK ROW: Stacey Leavandosky, Chrissy Kelley, Allison Engel, Pam Reed, Fiona Kimmins, Kristin Decker, Nicole 
Woodruff, Dave Bluestein, Todd Kelley, Mike. 

J 3.171 GS '. FRONT ROW: Youssef Ghafari, Scott Toth, Tim Pauley, Rajen Shah, Luke Lehman, Todd Standley, Derek 
Fagone, Keith Bertani, Timur Makzume. BACK ROW: Henry Luciano, Jeremy Smith, Byll mahue, jason Roberts, Kevin 
Shea, "Dorm Keg', Bundy, Hongbo Chen Jamie Garner, David Cantin, Dave German, Patrick (PK) Kelly, Eric, eikel, Matt 
(Moon Dog), Gerdeman, Dave Roberts, Chad Matthews, Davew Venditto. 

DGrkeiYI TOP ROW(leftto right): Chris Kruce, "Henry" Ledgard.Josh Morley, SECOND ROW: 
Kirk Mitchell, Jennifer Merkle. Joe Fredericks, Tom Higdow, BOTTOM: Mohammed-Ali Sumadi, Beth 
Schmidle, Polly Talbott, Lisa Gaylord, Erika Reichard, Pina Derosa, Mekela Countee, Allison Meyer, Kristen 
Youngstroml Kerry Bleskan, Karen Kaseman, Nicol Schmitt, Sheila Keating, David Keyser, Almira Martina, 
Michelle Veader Dera Vance, David Dupervault. 

* T I FRONT ROW: Josh Bohlander, Mark Davies, Dawn Pasquarello, Scott Koons, Todd Eversole, 
Joe Platania, EVic Seiber, John Marshall. MIDDLE ROW: Kristi Engel, Alison Knapp, Julie Deardorff, Anna Krift, 
Michelle Wenz, Bernadette Pomponio. BACK ROW: Toya Ashe, Sean Cleary, Mariposa De Garcia, Allison, Rachel 
Kleffman, Dwight Stephens, Cassandra Freeman, Jennifer Dume, Robert LoBello, Charles Sullivan. 

Ibsen: front row : 

Amy McKee, John Lesie, Curt 
Pierce, Lorissa Hollenbeck, Diane 
Ellsworth, Claudia, Thobin Elrod, 
StephaniaZenuti.Jessica. MIDDLE 
ROW: Amy Stoken, Sean Maguire, 
Ray McArthur, Jim Wellman, Ja- 
son Carlin, Todd Van Drasek. 
BACK ROW: Paula, Sam Wilkins, 
Connie, Kremser, Karrie Sheridan, 
Virginia Shoop, Tim Petronia, Jen 
Waddell, Scott Fuller Susan 


BOTTOM ROW (leftto right): 
Connie Snowdon, Brandee 
Kimes, Beth Mulholland, Lorrie 
Luckenbill, Maggie Nunn, 
Kristen Hurray, Nichole 
McCretchan, Nicole Hunter, 
Jennifer Eller, Reiko Masuda, 
STAIRS (leftto right): Yolanda 
Farley, Gabby Catalano, 
Nichole Rollman, Katie Ewers, 
Cindy Willis, Heather Mason, 
Pam Hoefer, Christina 
Garaway, Becky Sloan, Tanya 
Bienick, Michelle Meer, 
Stephanie Garcia, Dani 
Springer, Jennifer Crowson, 
Suzanne Morin, TOP ROW 
(left to right): Stacey Moore, 
Amy Morrison, Kathryn 
Fenderson, Phaedra Valente, 
Amanda Smith, Sylvia Parsons, 
Christina Cooper. 



,.,„.-,, . 

^* ■'. 

L/ 3.1 tOn* FRONT ROW (L to R): Kat Jordan, Diana Gould, Audra McCammon, Lynne Casebier, 
Anne Chapin, Kelly Atkinson, Chapin Ellinger. MIDDLE ROW: Yen Thoreson, Darcy McCullom, Nathalie 
Marco (RA), Amy Grady, Regan Cunningham, Gail Gugle, Erin Dolan, Ekta Kharbanda, Cindy Miller, Christine 
Moorby, Toni Kneiding, Kelly Logan. BACK ROW: Jill Psenisky, Jen Knadle, Jen Walker, Jamie Haneke, Jen 
Barnes, Erin Coleman, Alicia Vereen. Dinh Tran, Randi B. Howell, Amy Galley, Sharmila Shroff, Sondra Fox. 

* '"■■ w 



Bl 3.KG ly '. FRONT ROW: Mike Molloy, Thomas "Bert" Bertoni, Matt Berenbaum, Mike Hooligan, Seth Shapiro, SECOND 
ROW: Thomas "TA" Arm's, Chris, Scott Locastro, Zubin Desai, Danny Meyers, Jeff "Ruh" Ruhman, David Baker, Matt Lemay, Craig 
Curry, Brian "cockroach", THIRD ROW: Darius Klebunskas, Chris Sweet, FOURTH ROW: Yohann Adler, Andy Judd, Brian 
Simkins, Travis Gedney, Sam Neal, Jason Schneider, BACK ROW: Joe Degise, Paul, Matt Barry, Kyle Mitchell, Doug Wadle, Gabriel 

DG6Cn6ri Heidi Deuhmig, Danielle Marchand, Allison Crum, Lisa Maxin, Julie Amundson, Pam 
Edwards, Jan Rutledge, Mary Smith Danielle Conti, Heather Kocina, Kristin Kravitz, Matt Neubeck, Markus 
Rodrigues, Scott Linnenburg, Mike Zahner, Danielle Conti, Dave Downing, Heather (sham (RA), Ken Shaih, Erin 
Karkheckjulia Welch, Elliot Snider.Josh McGuire, Mark Verrico, Rich Anderson, Brian Brown, Ted Reinhard, Mike 
Grohs, John Pacowta, Geoff Scriver, Dan Moses. 

rl GndGTSOn I FRONT ROW: Malinda Pauly, Betsy Kaczmarek, Hather Tafel, Sara Kalgren. SECOND 
ROW: Tiffany Scherer, Maureen West, Kelly Granger, Coy Miller-RA, Kristen Bauer, Lisa Authier, Johanna Kenney, 
Lisa Waters. THIRD ROW: Julie Palomaki, Dawn Neville, Christa Furtsch. LAST ROW: Lisa Ireland, Angela 
Hutchinson, German Whitley* Ella Childe, Melissa Parson, Stacy Wallen, Jennifer Rudicil, Becky Smith, Michele Murray, 
Tawnee Walling, Kim Fagen, Alexandra Goiccechea. 


iHdddGll. FRONT ROW: Robin Fernandez. Aaron Mansika, Casey Kulscar, Merideth Kraft, Pete 
Mancini, Jason Wilder, Jamie Douglas. Hal Jones, Howie Gould, Adam Beeler, BACK ROW: Sean Weber, Mike Barden, 
Chris Coviello, Mike Symon, Mike Roosevelt, Javier Luzio, James Pribble, JasonBarder, James Flowerdew, Tuffer 
Hammons, Shane Sharp, Jay Sanders, Bill Stone, Brian Barragate, Paul Carmichael, Erich Landrum, Glen McCall, Paul 

PI U . Left to right: Tony Camarda, Mike Pierro, Craig Wagner, Ryan Rodriguez, Chad Cady, 
Dan Giovannitti, Mark, Alford, Scott Lofgren, Trey Rosier, Joakim "JK" Lialiaus, Matt Rydin, Josh Cinner, Anu 
Majotra, Dan Ronnbereg, Peter van Rijssen, Jeff Rannik, Jesse Gersten, Kevin Jonell, RA Peter Sjoberg, Nick 

IXl PDy. FRONT ROW (left to right): Jerllyn Thurber, April Bradley, Catherine Tooze, Edon CoppafirvL 
MIDDLE ROW: Johanna Brown. Sara Deal, Marion Markham, Caroline Dezan, Shannon Planck, Tara Mirkar, Brenda 
Jensen, Liz Testa. BACK ROW: Mary Wilkinson, Vanessa Calles, Molly Fuller, Beth Lehman.Judy Picard, Claire Weiss, 
Pam Epelbaum, Jennifer Pierson, Christyn Dolbier, Naty Robertson, Melissa Rimstidt, Kim Rice, Kirsten Barber. 

OOBTg! WAY FRONT: Jennifer Sparks. FIRST ROW (left to right): Neal Johnson, Michael 
Royer, Kathleen, Erica Schneeberger, John Whitaker, Nirk Welch, Karen Neal, Rachel Ricca, Doug 
Davis. SECOND ROW: Bill Keating, Erin Kelly, Jerry Bartholemew, Jim Corte. BACK ROW: Sean 
Bind, Happy Olmstead, Christi Richard, Carlos Abanses, Robyn Riley. 

MOTHS: FRONT ROW: Bethan Thomas. SECOND ROW: Babette Collins, 
Laura Blasi, Chris Stimac, Anna Schroder, Deidre Robertson, Serge Phillips, Pam 
(PJ) Dillon, Perry Monaco, Rob Levanthal. THIRD ROW: Roald Hoppel, Laura 
Lawson, Jody Davis. BACK ROW: Kiko Serrano. 

Leigh tOm FRONT ROW: Malinda Pauly, Betsy Kaczmarek, Hather Tafel, Sara Kalgren. 
SECOND ROW: Tiffany Scherer, Maureen West, Kelly Granger, Coy Miller-RA, Kristen Bauer, Lisa 
Authier, Johanna Kenney, Lisa Waters. ROW: Julie Palomaki, Dawn Neville, Christa Furtsch. ROW 
4: Lisa Ireland, Angela Hutchinson, German Whitley, Ella Childe, Melissa Parson, Stacy Wallen, Jennifer 

jCOtt! FRONT ROW: Kristine Beltz, Melanie Green, Michele Sainsbury, Julie Stevenson, 
Matthew Staman. SECOND ROW: Nicole Hord, Jason Favero, Jennifer Mathews, Jennifer Wisniewski. 
THIRD ROW: Philip Hoffman, Jason Palmateer, Kurt'Henning, Greg Collins, Sandra Sutherland, Asron 
Hynick, Michael Royce, Shanti Lanese, Rob Leventhal, Guy De Wald. BACK ROW: Nathan Lindley, 
Robyn Landrun, E. Mark (Skip) Mitchell, Dharmesh Pitamber, Ron Calbaro, Martuza Baldiwala. 

Nil NOrthl BOTTOM ROW (left to right): Amy King, Mellissa Pearman, Tabitha 
Whelman, TOP ROW: Ian Schweib, Dave Shaffer, Mike Broder, Kelley Wilson, Jeff Allen, Mike 
Garner, Jeff Glade, Yabrinya Tisdale, Ed Pascal, David Speelvogel, Susan Moss, Heathen Leslie Morris, 
Kate Davis. 

IN U 1 3.S l! BACK ROW: Ben Harris, Sandy Bush, Tara O'Brien, LeighAnn Babigian, Kara Gossett, Liz Eaton, 
MIDDLE ROW: Julie Webb, Laura Oldanie, Heather Crawford, Kimber Colton, Dennis Harding, John Wheeler, Jim 
French, Erik Zylman, John O'Flanagan, Shane Berry, FRONT ROW: Denise Frinierjody Doyon, Karen Gulla, Kris 
Smith, Tom Chully, Dexter Leonard, Tim Thielen. 

Nu Units 

Amy Gross, Shana Thomson, Rebecca Hadden, Colleen Brennan, Nicole Gallager, Katrina Clark, Sandra Steel, Kara Lina, Jennifer 
Dickerson, Stephanie Farrell, Lynn Reynolds, Keri Stephens, Carol Luce, Stephanie Peterson, Debbie Nail, Barbara Palameri, 
Wendy Pepping, Jennifer Kendrick, Beth Clark, Bill Sanderson, Jay Alou, Damon Day, Terry Chegwin, Alicia Ormond, Glenn 



Laura Jeffrey, Lynda Myers, Lisa Signorelli, Alicia Manchon, Lynette Matey, Jon Mueller, John O'Flanagan, Greg 
Sudduth, Brad Beeler, Erik Shultz, Tom MacDonald, Greg Pike, Jeff Robinson, Keith Abersure 




Campus Media 

Triton Tribune 

Under Editor-in-Chief Colleen Brennan, 
the Triton Tribune continued to inform 
and entertain the college community. New 
columns like Cornerstone combined with 
old favorites like Persp-ec-tives to make the 
paper exciting. Debates over subjects rang- 
ing from homosexuality to racism raged in 
the editorial pages, while other sections 
provided solid news stories on events af- 
fecting the life of the college. Besides, as the 
masthead proclaims, "What else are ya 
gonna read in class?" 

Left to right: Jen Pierson, Matthew Staman, 
Mindy Bogue 

Trib Staff 
Colleen Brennan 
Mindy Bogue 
Christa Calamas 
Jenny Pierson 
Nicole Hord 
Michele Sainsbury 
Charlotte Butzin 
Quinton Zondervan 
Matt Staman 
Byll Maheu 

Editor in Chief 

Managing Editor 

Viewpoints Editor 

Sports Editor 

Leisure Editor 

Leisure Editor 

Promos Editor 

On Campus Editor 


Advertising Manager 

Left to right: Colleen Brennan, Michele 
Sainsbury, Scott Hamilton, Julie Stevenson, 
Matt Mclnnis 

food.dn-v ■■ 

l -"\T. - 


Sco-pi Hamilton and Chris Holland, ECTV Producers 


VVECR's Disc Jockeys rocked the campus 
with everything from alternative hits to 
country favorites. Whether students tuned 
in for a dose of heavy metal or became 
involved because of the thrill of hearing 
their own voice go out over the airwaves, 
the radio station provided a diversion from 
more scholarly pursuits. On the serious 
side, though, the station maintained its tra- 
dition of public service announcements, in- 
cluding a series entitled "Thinking About 

ECTV's equipment problems at the be- 
ginning of the year made for a rocky begin- 
ning. Filming shows when there were no 
microphones was a challenge even the most 
talented media people could not overcome. 
At last, however, ECTV returned with one 
of its most popular shows, the game show 
Roommates Revealed. 

Getting Physical 

Cricket Club 

The game of cricket is not just a pasttime, 
it is a cultural experience. Founded in the 
19th century by the British, cricket is now 
played across 12 countries spanning five 
continents, including the Caribbean, South 
Asia, and Australia. The EC Cricket Club 
was founded in 1989 with the idea of en- 
riching a diverse Eckerd community. Mem- 
bership is open to all Eckerd students, fa- 
culty/staff, alumni, and ASPEC members. 
The 1991-1992 membership is around 25, 
and the group photo shows members who 
regularly represent the club at games. 

Left to Right: (seated) Taumur Naseer, Shiv Basu (captain), Deepthi Samaransinghe (vice-captain), Bill Norse 
(ASPEC); (standing) Adil Khan, Kamil Khan, Murtuza Baldiwala, Saad Al Saad, Mana Al Mana, O'Neal Vaz, Raj 
Shekhar, and Mazen Ashaary. 



Ten-EC members strutted their stuff on Saturday 
mornings, where members of the Men's Tennis Team 
offered free tennis lessons to any interested student. 
The goal of the club was to help people improve their 
tennis skills, and of course, enjoy themselves at the 
same time! 

Saving The World 

TH£ W.Lm 


■£*££ :V«aCBf AClSM < se; 


Earth Society 

The Eckerd College Earth Society is a 
group of concerned students working to- 
ward a better environment for future gener- 
ations. The club sponsors such on-campus 
programs as weekly recycling, a Seabird 
Rehabilitation Center, the implementation 
of the Forever Wild Project, tree planting, 
Earth Day Fair, and campus education on 
pressing environmental issues. Members 
also participate in fundraising for various 
environmental groups, St. Pete Beach clean- 
ups, and letter writing campaigns to politi- 
cians. The ECES incorporates fun into its 
activities as well. Cookouts, campouts, and 
trips to local nature parks are just a few 
examples of the fun activities that the club 

.eft to Right: Shanti Lanese, Jen Pierson, Jill Simon, Lucy Kriz, Stacey Levandosky, Betsy 
-Jeubeck, Marritt Zoll, and Susie Burton. 

Riemenschneider, Matt 

Equality Now 

Equality NOW is a new campus organi- 
zation that is a voice on campus for those 
interested in the women's movement, in- 
cluding such issues as choice, day care, and 
equal pay. In 1991-1992, the club had ap- 
proximately 45 members, both mem and 
women. Equality NOW's activities includ- 
ed an April trip to Washington DC for the 
March for Women's Lives, a series on self- 
defense, and serving as a liaison between 
students and the Women's Resources Com- 
mittee. Members emphasize that to be a 
supporter of equality does not mean that 
you must be radical, but rather, open-mind- 
ed and caring. 

International Experience 

Model United Nations 

"Where we fake it all weekend long ..." 
This slogan from Harvard National Model 
United Nations sums up the fun that Eck- 
erd students had attending MUN confer- 
ences in Boston and Atlanta. (As any dele- 
gate can tell you, though, it took hours in 
the library to know a country's policies and 
positions well enough to "fake it" through 
3 grueling days of debates, resolutions, and 
parliamentary procedure!) The club held 
simulated sessions about topics such as 
birth control and conventional weapons to 
prepare members for the regional and na- 
tional competitions. During the conference, 
Eckerd students had the task of represent- 
ing the nations of Ethiopia, Costa Rica, and 
Venezuela on issues ranging from marine 
biodiversity to decolonization. The '91-'92 
club had more members than ever before, 
with many people interested in learning 
about and discussing international affairs. 
EC-MUN's excellence was recognized at the 
Harvard National Conference, where Jun- 
ior Tom Higdon received the Distinguished 
Delegate award. This year also marked the 
first time the organization was able to at- 
tend 2 conferences, thanks to the EC par- 
ents and alumni who allowed delegates to 
stay in their homes during the Atlanta con- 

L-R: Gabe Stevens, Fritzi Brocklebank, Sam Wilkins, Stacey Leavandosky, Kate Colussy, Matt Mclnnis, "Enri- 
que" Matus. 

International Student 

The International Students Association 
strove to represent the international within 
the Eckerd Community. Their goals were to 
provide information on other countries and 
cultures, as well as to increase cultural in- 

Members of ISA gather before their annual fashion 

Study Abroad 

Back row: Prof. Ed Stevens, Chris Westmoreland, Alonso Gutierrez, Chris Casey, Merrilee Mundahl, Rob Kadel, and Scott 
Lessenberry. Front row: Jennifer Walker, Tabitha Whalen, Michelle Meer, Jennifer Sparks, Christine Kelley, Sandrine 
Micolieau, Jennifer O'Flanagan, and Rozanne Ahrens. 

Back row (1-r): Rachel Gunn, Billie Smith (ASPEC), Larissa (tourist guide), Jennifer Zusch- 
lag, John Trainer, Melanie Green, Christina Munch, Rob Montgomery, Sam "Dutch" 
Wilkin, Michelle Wenz, Darrin Clark, Deirdre Robertson. Front row (1-r): Eric Seiber, Neil 
York, Prof. Vivian Parsons, Yoko Yokoyama, Katherine Sauer. 

Winter Term 

Eckerd students travelled the 
globe in 1991-1992, experiencing 
theater in London, marine life in Be- 
lize, politics in Costa Rica, and ev- 
erything in between! Some students 
signed up for a Winter Term in the 
USSR, only to find that when Janu- 
ary rolled around, that country no 
longer existed. They managed to 
spend their rubles in Russia, howev- 
er. Whether studetns were strolling 
down the avenue in Vienna or din- 
ing at the Gower Street study center 
in London, they were becoming 
world citizens and enjoying the stay 
in a different culture. 

ECOS Officers 

Kathy Ericson 

•\ I 




'• J ^*~ 



"^ ^ ^WrK ,!, §i^i'>'. 



r^" u 




/r J W®m\ 

%if- y 

\lBWI^n ^B 


Cassandra Voight 

Ben Harris 
Dir. of Academic Affairs 

Jason Palmateer 
Dir. of Finance 

Palmetto Productions 

L-R: Pete Sjoberg, Jeff Allen, Chapin Ellinger, Connie Kremser, 
Costa Tsiokos, Julia Welch 

Jeff Allen 

Palmetto Productions 


Although their shirts pro- 
claimed that they "Come out 
at Night," the members of 
Palmetto Productions worked 
day in and day out to make 
sure that Eckerd students had 
the best parties and events 
possible. Palmetto Produc- 
tions, the renewed, revised, 
and reorganized version of 
the familiar Student Activi- 
ties Board (SAB), kept popular 
traditional events going 
strong while introducing al- 
ternative types of program- 

ming, such as hayrides and 
comedy shows. Rather than 
leaving all the work to the 
SAB director, as had been 
done in the past, ECOS Presi- 
dent Kathy Ericson and Pal- 
metto Director Jeff Allen di- 
vided the group into 
committees in charge of Tra- 
ditional Events, Special 
Events, Concerts, and Pro- 
mos/PR. Dorm Vice-Presi- 
dents were also involved in 
keeping the social life at Eck- 
erd alive and well. 


The Society for the Advancement of 
Management, better known by its acronym 
SAM, had an active and exciting year. The 
group sponsored various lectures by busi- 
ness professionals, to enlighten both their 
own members and the campus community 
at large. Several members and a faculty 
sponsor travelled to a case study competi- 
tion, where Eckerd has traditionally ex- 
celled. This year's team took second place 
in the competition despite having fewer 
team members than some other institutions 

Left to right, front row: Katie Fenderson, Heather Crawford (President), Dennis Harting, Michael LeParco, 
Richard Mueller, Greg Dawson; Second row: Prof. John Guarino (sponsor), Heather Omerod (Vice-President), 
Dan Winter (Treasurer), Michael Garner 


The Siren 

The Siren, Eckerd's literary magazine, 
showcased the art and creative writing of 
Eckerd students. Poems, short stories, and 
photographs merged into a work of beauty 
and quality in this forum for artistic expres- 
sion. Editor Susan Moss, a senior, was as- 
sisted by her literary staff, which included 
Anne Chapin, Pat Kelly, Beth Rogers, and 
Paul Watkins, and faculty advisor Peter 
Meinke. Any student could submit work, 
and pieces were chosen with consideration 
of variety and quality. Titles ranged from 
"Why I Don't Write Poetry" (Pat Ritz) to 
"The Seven Eyeball's Greatest Hits" (Jon 

Siren Editor Susan Moss 

1992 Siren Cover 

Men's Volleybal 

Spike ... set ... bump . . . the men's 
volleyball club played their hardest each 
game, always willing to dive for a ball (or to 
impress the crowd). The members of the 
club, including President A.J. Joseph and 
Vice-President Mark Bonfigli, organized 
two-on-two beach volleyball tournaments, 
as well as keeping the grass and sand courts 
on campus in safe playing condition. Mem- 
bers also enjoyed a trip to the Jose Cuervo 
Professional Tournament, to watch masters 
at work. 

Eckerd College 

Search And Rescu 


'£ .. 

it* ^ V~- 

R 1 1 ! 


Hello, Hello 

Whether they were dressed up in 16th 
century attire or merely in street clothes 
practicing for a performance at First Pres- 
byterian, the choir filled campus with mu- 
sic. The approximately 50 students who 
participated in choir were under the skilled 
direction of music professor Marion Smith, 
and were accompanied by pianist Gloria 

Not only did the choir perform for the 
Eckerd community and numerous local 
churches, but they also went on the annual 
spring tour. This year, singers visited cities 
like Atlanta, Nashville, and Ocala. Appro- 
priately, the theme for this year's tour was 
"Hello, Hello, Wherever You Are." Choir 
members spent April 1-7 on a bus, in hotels 
and homestays, and of course, making 
beautiful music. Despite adventures like 
lost tuxedoes and getting stuck on fences, 

choir members enjoyed the trip. 

Choir also put on the traditional madri- 
gal dinner, complete with a new bell choir. 
King Rob Kadel and Queen Melanie Gin- 
nett led the "royal court," and other choir 
members were transformed into jesters (Ty- 
ler Bunch and Erika Reichard) and a roving 
quartet. Normally the event is held in 
downtown St. Petersburg, but this year 
there was a special on-campus performance 
in Fox Hall. 

In addition to the full choir, members 
also participated in Sensations, which per- 
formed pieces like a medley of Broadway 
tunes, and Sandpipers, another group that 
performed harmony pieces such as "Lil Liza 
Jane." The bell choir was a new addition 
this year, which added a distinctive touch 
and sound to the final concert. 

=5 ^ 3'%\J 

EC Choir 

Marion Smith, Director 



Men's Soccer 

-* Ml 

The Eckerd College "Tritons" 
soccer team competes at the 
NCAA Division II level and be- 
longs to the highly competitive 
Sunshine State Conference. The 
Eckerd College soccer players 
come from all parts of the Unit- 
ed States and several are from 
Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, and 
Curacao. The EC soccer/student 
is highly motivated academically 
and demonstrated so by achiev- 
ing a team G.P.A. of 3.0 for the 
1991 Fall Semester in Eckerd 

College's challenging academic 

The Eckerd College soccer 
program and its players are to- 
tally committed to excellence 
and representing their institu- 
tion and sponsorships with the 
highest integrity. The team is ac- 
tively involved and highly visa- 
ble throughout the St. Peters- 
burg/Tampa soccer community 
conducting clinics, camps and 

'" 1 


"» ^^N^BV" 

r m 






' <4k 

* ***? 



— — •$* ■ * ■ m* 




Bryan Simkins 


Mike Paulsmeyer 


Mike McCollum 


Scott Linnenburger 


Chris Casey 


Richard Klepacz 


David Morse 


Marko Ronnholmen 


Mike Carboni 


Joakim Lialias 


Carlos Somoano (co- 



Patrick Wagner 


Ken Shain 


Kris Lyso 


Kan Ronnberg 


Perry Monaco 


Rick Faircloth 


Jim Edwards 


Ben Harris (co-captain) 


Richard Anderson 


Craig Curry 


Keith Bertani 

Dave Elliot 

Curtis Pierce 

Ryan Rodriquez 

Head Coach: Jim DiNobile 

Ass't Coach: Stanley Urquhart 

Bill Logan 

Trainer: Len King 

Student Trainer: Pam Hoefer 83 

Men's Basketball 

Women's Volleyball 

Women's Soccer 




J}, sr^^d****. 

Women's Basketball 

Player's Names 

Kelly Blue 
Christine Fryberg 
Stephanie Garcia 
Allison Heisler 
Jennifer Kazwell 
Lucy Kozikowski 
Tracy Lang 
Lydia Martinez 
Ursula Miggins 
Laura Mitchell 
Audra McCammon 
Lynne Casebier 

Head Coach: Bob Nichols 
Team Manager: Aneta Thomas 


14 — Kelly Blue 

32 — Christine Fyrberg 

31 — Stephanie Garcia 

12 — Allison Heisler 

23 — Jennifer Kazwell 
30 — Lucy Kozikowski 

24 — Tracy Lang 

22 — Lydia Martinez 

25 — Ursula Miggins 

10 — Laura Mitchell 

21 — Audra McCannon 

11 — Lynne Casebier 
Coach — Bob Nichols 
Manager — Aneta 

Men's Baseball 

Shane Berry 
Scott Brodkorb 
Mike Malloy 
Dan Meyers 
Tim Thielen 
David Weigman 
Erik Zylman 
John Campbell 
George Struss 
Tom Chully 
Sean Maguire 
Joe Messina 
Chad Mills 
Tom Russin 
Gregg Sudduth 
Jim Vigue 
Todd Alessi 
Dexter Leonard 
Matt Mudrey 
Jon Mueller 
Steve Nadel 

Head Coach: Bill Matthews 

Women's Softball 


Sherry Howell 
Coy A. Miller 
Danielle Springer 
Sally Anne Larson 
Heather Huff 
Julie Garbaccio 
Cindy Willis 
Helene Dembroski 
Julie Evans 
Alisa Praskovich 
Maureen West 
Susan Schultz 
Alisha McMorrow 


£> a 

Coach Tim, Mark Davies, David Cantin, Dave Ring, Doug Wadle, Coach Todd Bottom: Bryan, Kevin Jonell, Scott Locastr 



€ *-— 



C C-8 j 

f > 

' ""l 


— 5i 


Cross Country 

The EC women's cross country team suc- 
cessfully defended their championship po- 
sition in the Sunshine State Conference. 
Eckerd set a conference record for points, 
scoring only 20. At the championship meet, 
Kim Fagan earned individual honors with a 
time of only 18:05. She is the defending 
conference and South Region champion. 
The EC men's team placed third in the con- 
ference, with runners Jon Fry and Jeff 
Glade earning spots on the All-Conference 

Women's Roster 

Men's Roster 

Kim Fagan 

Jeff Glade 

Stacy Wallen 

Jon Fry 

Amy Carter 

Sim Ripley 

Diane Chalk 

Naz Merchant 

Joselle Germano 

Tom Grinovich 

Diane Ellsworth 

Brad Sulewski 

Nicole McCutchan 

Anders Baquero 

Congratulations Kim Fagan, Ail-American 



h j 


^ J 

s> * 



anwh i ^vxi - 



Events '92 



'91-'92 Speakers 

Eckerd students had the opportu- 
nity to learn from people whose ex- 
periences ranged from being held in 
a tiny cell for years to growin up the 
child of a famous civil rights activ- 
ist. Outside speakers were spon- 
sored by groups such as the AAS, 
ECOS Academic Affairs, and Public 

The year ended on an exciting 
note, with an address by Terry An- 
derson, the longest-held American 
captive in Lebanon. Anderson, head 
of the Associated Press Bureau in 
Beirut, was kidnapped in 1985 while 
walking home from a tennis match. 
He spoke to the Eckerd community 
about the ways he and his fellow 
prisoners managed to survive their 
ordeal, and the joy he feels at being 
reunited with his family. Ander- 
son's appearance at Eckerd was one 
of his first public speeches made 
following his release. 

The issue of race relations in 
America was brought to the fore- 

front of the nation's attention with 
the Los Angeles riots. Eckerd stu- 
dents were able to hear the president 
of the American Civil Liberties 
Union, Nadine Strossen, discuss 
Law and Order in America: The 
Rodney King Riots. Strossen, a con- 
stitutional scholar and professor of 
law, spoke about the state of justice 
in the American courts, as well as 
entertaining questions on a variety 
of civil rights issues. 

Attallah Shabazz, daughter of 
Malcolm X, is a writer, director, and 
producer in her own right. She moti- 
vated a crowd that included both 
Eckerd students and members of the 
St. Petersburg community, encour- 
aging them to "make a change for a 
change" and respect those with dif- 
ferent ethnic backgrounds and of 
different nationalities. Her speech 
included both personal reflections 
on her father "away from the podi- 
um" and her own attitudes toward 
race relations. 

Nadine Strossen, ACLU President 

Benazir Bhutto 

Other speakers included 
Benazir Bhutto, former Prime 
Minister of Pakistan and the 
first female leader of an Is- 
lamic nation. Her speech on 
politics in that area of the 
world and the role of the 
United States was delivered to 
a standing room only crowd 
in Fox Hall. 

Jack Eckerd (yes, the one 
the college was named for), 
spoke on "Why America 
Doesn't Work." His reflec- 
tions on business in America 
attracted more than just man- 
agement majors. 

An environmental debate 
between James Watt and Bill 
Roselle in the Chapel brought 
together two speakers with 
vastly different opinions. 
Watt served as Secretary of 
the Interior under Ronald 
Reagan, while Roselle co- 

founded both EARTH 
FIRST!, a radical environmen- 
tal protection organization, 
and the Rainforest Action 
Network. Roselle wants peo- 
ple to take extreme action and 
change their entire lives to be 
more earth-friendly, while 
Watt sees new energy sources 
as a solution. 

Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel 
also shared his experiences 
with Eckerd. He spoke about 
his efforts to maintain peace 
in the world and the power of 
education. Wiesel is the au- 
thor of Night, the story of his 
time in Hitler's concentration 
camps. This powerful book 
was formerly required for stu- 
dents in Western Heritage. 

All of the speakers opened 
new doors to Eckerd students, 
exposing them to unique 
viewpoints and ideas. 

The Pirates Of Penzance 


"in order of appearence" 

Pirate King: 

Tyler Bunch 


Peter Cardinal 


Elliot Snider 


Lisa Signorelli 


Rob Montgomery 

Micheal Ortega-Edwards 

Digger Phelps 

Bill Sanderson 

James J. Votava 


Kathryn Zucker 


Michael Moon 


Beth Lehman 


Kristin Davis 

Wards of the 

Major General: 

Tanya Bunch 

Kate Field 

Melanie Ginnett 

Miranda Howell 

Erika Reichard 

Julie Stevenson 


Patti Marenus 

Major-General Stanley: 

Patrick Sheehy 

Police Sergeant: 


Ted Reinhard 

Rick Copeland 

Dave German 

Jordan Matus 

Matthew Mclnnis 

Kyle Mitchell 

Matthew Staman 



Red Rage 1992 

Career Day 

Groundbreaking Ceremonies 

oI sill i° V 




Students, professors, alumni, 
and staff gathered on a sunny 
November day to celebrate the 
beginning of a new part of Eck- 
erd's future. The ground-break- 
ing ceremonies for the $2.6 mil- 
lion state-of-the-art marine 
science building were a cause for 
excitement throughout the col- 
lege community. The Galbraith 
Marine Science Laboratory, as 
the new building will be called, 
is named for John and Rosemary 
Galbraith, who provided over 
$1.5 million for the facility. Mr. 
Galbraith, who provided over 
$1.5 million for the facility. Mr. 
Galbraith told the Triton Tri- 
bune, "Rosemary and I have 
thoroughly enjoyed being asso- 
ciated with Eckerd College for 
ten years, and decided to make 
this gift because we wanted to 
help maintain the momentum 
that is now driving this out- 
standing college." The ceremo- 
ny, which lasted approximately 
an hour, began with a welcome 
from President Peter Armacost 
and an invocation by Reverend 
Lacy Harwell, Trustee Emeritus. 
Marine Science Professor John 
Reynolds compared the center to 
a Field of Dreams, and ECOS 
President Kathy Ericson ex- 
pressed the gratitude of the stu- 
dent body by presenting the 
Galbraiths with a stuffed mana- 

Festival Of Cultures 

The food ranged from a "Soul Food Buf- 
fet" to regional treats from places as far 
away as Greece and Italy. Crafts from coun- 
tries around the world decorated booths 
and were available for students to buy. This 
was the Festival of Cultures, a day where 
the nations of the world became as close as 
Fox Quad. Eckerd's international students 
joined with students who had traveled to 
countries such as Russia and England to 
present a display of customs from different 
cultures and locations. Even prospective 
students who were on campus for the week- 
end enjoy the event, which exposed them to 
new facets of the Eckerd community. 

rfp^^ v 

Experience The 
World — 
Without Leaving 
' Fox Quad 

Partying At The Pool 

As tanning season moved into full gear, 
more and more Eckerd students headed for 
the pool. (After all, it's closer than the beach 
and you don't have to pay a toll!) Student 
lifeguards kept a watchful eye on the 
groups that were splashing around or 
swimming laps. Hot days and sunny after- 
noons brought students out for the dual 
purpose of cooling off and laying out. And 
sometimes they even brought homework. 


Student Government 

Dave Baker 

Chapin Ellinger 

Tom Grinovich 


A larger than normal number of candi- 
dates combined with lots of publicity re- 
sulted in a high turnout for the ECOS elec- 
tions held in March. Fourteen students ran 
for the four offices, and no candidate was 
unopposed. 504 students came out to the 
computers set up in front of the ECOS of- 
fice to ast their votes. 

Two days of regular voting were followed 
by a two day runoff for the offices of Presi- 
dent and Vice-President. The top two can- 
didates for each office (Cassandra Voight 
and Dave Baker for President, and Marga- 
ret Burns and Greg Dawson for Vice-Presi- 
dent) had an extra weekend to campaign. 
When the results were tallied, Voigt had 
won by only 12 votes over Baker, and Burns 
had defeated Dawson. 

The other two positions, Academic Af- 
fairs and Director of Finance, were decided 
with only one election. Junior Jason 
Schneider was elected to Finance Director, 
earning 56.5% of the votes cast. He defeated 
Sophomore John Galley, his sole opponent. 
Sophomore Melanie Green defeated Tom 
Higdon, a junior, for the office of Academic 

The elections concluded an exciting week 
of campaigning, which included written 
platforms published in the Trib, a candi- 
dates debate in front of Saga (on a freezing 
cold evening), and posters and flyers en- 
dorsing one candidate or another covering 
the campus. 

The elections were followed by contro- 
versy, however. The Vice-President elect, 
Margaret Burns, went on study abroad be- 
ginning in April. This meant that she 
would miss not only the LC Budget Alloca- 
tion meeting that she was supposed to 
chair, but also part of Autumn Term. There 
was concern that her absence would affect 
her ability to perform her duties as an 
ECOS officer, and a petition was signed by 
10% of the student body to have recall elec- 
tion. The election was duly held, and the 
students voted to retain Burns as Vice-Pres- 

Cassandra Voigt 

Elections Committee 

Jody Davis (write-in) 


Margaret Burns 

Greg Dawson 

Paul Hoeper 

The Candidates 
Presiden t 

Cassandra Voight 

Dave Baker 

Byll Maheu 

Chapin Ellinger 

Greg Pierce 

Tom Grinovich 
Vice-Presiden t 

Margarent Burns 

Paul Hoeper 

Greg Dawson 
Academic Affairs 

Melanie Green 

Tom Higdon 

Jason Schneider 

John Galley 


Jason Schneider 

lame L>reen 

Tom Higdon 

John Galley 

'92 Events 




Seniors (soon to be alumni), faculty mem- 
bers, and adoring friends and family filed 
into the gym, filling it with a rainbow of 
colors. The big day had finally arrived — 
Graduation, the end of one era and the be- 
ginning of a new one. This year marked the 
first time that Eckerd held two separate 
commencement ceremonies, one for the 
Program for Experienced Learners (PEL) 
and one for the traditional students. The 
decision to divide the groups was made be- 
cause of space limitations, as both ceremo- 
nies were held in the gymnasium. 

PEL students wore all maroon for their 
evening ceremony, while traditional stu- 
dents dressed in gowns colored to represent 
the collegium from which they would re- 
ceive their degree. Behavioral Sciences wore 
blue, Natural Sciences green, Creative Arts 
red, Cross-Cultural yellow, and the Letters 
collegium gowns were purple. 

In addition to the main event, several 
seniors earned special awards in recogni- 
tion of their outstanding contributions to 
the community. Matt Stamen, Lisa Signor- 
elli, Mark Lewis, and Quinton Zondervan 
received these honors. Economics professor 
Diana Fuguitt was awarded the prestigious 
Staub Teaching Excellence Award, and 
Trustee John Galbraith was given an hon- 
orary degree in recognition of his continued 
generous support of the college. 

Graduation was a time of tears and 
cheers, and the festivities continued with a 
reception on Fox Patio after the ceremony. 
Seniors took the opportunity to celebrate, 
say goodbye to old friends and professors, 
and prepare for the "real world." 

Seniors, we will miss you. We wish you 
the best of luck on whatever road you may 
travel, and may all your dreams come true. 

you have, a Atroaa, beautiful 

<\piiit tvithin you a 4pLn.Lt that 

Li capable. o£ taking. you a-i {.a/i and 
cw hJLgh a/i you uiant to go. Theie asie 
g/ieat thing,) out the/ie {Lot you, and 
it' 4 iv-cthui youn. to make tho^e 
thingA happen. We believe in you and 
knouu that you have what It take^ to 
follow uousi d/ieam-i 

Let that 4-tiong, beautiful ipuiLt 
ofL youn.4 4oai,! 

Cong.iatulatu.onyi ! 


^om and 


I'm proud of you! 



Mom, Dad, Jim, 
Darlene, & Brian 




to out little girl 


George H. Breitwieser III 

and to all '92 Eckerd graduates! 

The Signorelli Family 

Good Luck 


Keep up the good work. 





You will always be 
The Best! 

Mom & Dad 



Congratulations Erich 


Eckerd Students Show True Nature 

Congratulations, Kris! 
You made it through 
without "C-ing"! 

Mom and Dad 



You have made us very happy. 
We are so proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, Colleen & C.C. 


Thank you for being 

such a wonderful, fun 

member of our 

family. We are so 

proud of you. 

We wish you love, happiness, and 
the best of everything. 

We love you, 


Dad, and 


Muhu WIom Vcid &UM 



Vonnu ZPeny ^Alexunhu 




as - -© 


Love, Pride, Faith — 
they say so much but 
seem inadequate. You 
are a source of joy as a 
son and a brother. 

Dad Megan Mom 
& & 

Pat Marty 

Kimber saying to Minnie in 
1974, "I shall return/ 7 

Minnie in 1990 to Kimber, "You 

did return but my how you have 


Rory's Yesteryear 7 : 

of Eckerd 

%C» * 



Thank You for 
Using Your God- 
given Talent to the 

God has blessed 

We love you, 
Mom — Dad — 
Patti & Linda 





Arthur and Mary Colton 

Mr. and Mrs. R.F. McMahan 


Carolyn and Joe Ryan 

Sandy and Frank Spalitto 

Dr. Peggy A. Landrum and 

Mr. Steven J. Wales 

Virginia L. McGee 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. 


Dr. Michael Gulla 

Mr. and Mrs. George 


Bob and Judy Frinier 

Mr. and Mrs. James R. 

French, Sr. 

The Coglianese Family 

P.J. Roosevelt, Inc. 

Karen Verrico 

Howard and Rebecca Moss 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne D. 


Karl and Linda Manchon 

Dr. and Mrs. Jacob Palomaki 

Carol Thompson 

Tom Thompson 

Mika Schweid 

Mikki and Bruce Van Wyk 

M.H. Martin White 

Helke and Roger Phelps 

Berit and "Chuck" Hunter 

Boo's Parents 

Connie Crawford 

Mr. and Mrs. James Votava 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Messina 

The Logans 

Beatrice Briggs 

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Martin 

Chris Zollinger 

Cdr. and Mrs. John S. 


Thank You For Your Support! 

In Memoriam 

Julie Assaf 
Class Of 1992 

Mark Batowski 
Class Of 1995 

With rue my heart is laden 
For golden friends I had, 

For many a rose-lipt maiden 
And many a lightfoot lad. 

By brooks too broad for leaping 

The lightfoot boys are laid; 
The rose-lipt girls are sleeping 
In fields where roses fade. 

— A.E. Housman 

Reflections Staff 

"Is the yearbook done yet?" asked my 
father, when I called home this evening. At 
last, after a long summer and some nights 
that seemed even longer, we can answer 
(with joy and relief), "YES!" 

"It's been another rough year for the Eck- 
erd College yearbook, guys. Our first edi- 
tor, J. Todd Montgomery, transferred in the 
middle of the year, leaving, unfortunately, 
no staff behind. Senior Sean Cleary took 
over after that, but when he graduated, even 
though the year was over, the yearbook was 
far from complete. 

That's where we came in. 

We came in not really realizing the mag- 
nitude of the task before us. We came in 
because we believe that yearbooks are im- 
portant, that they are worthwhile, and that 
people care about them. We came in be- 
cause it had to be done and there was no one 
else to do it. 

We spent the summer (in the time we had 
away from our jobs, our independent stud- 
ies, our physiology paper) drawing layouts, 

searching through stacks of photos, talking 
to our Jostens representative, writing copy, 
and wondering what our cover looked like 
(since Todd had designed it). We hope that 
our efforts were not in vain. 

In any case, we realize that the style may 
not be consistent, and some of the photos 
may be less than perfect, and that maybe 
some things that should have been included 
in the yearbook didn't quite make it be- 
cause we didn't have the pictures or infor- 
mation we needed . . . but we did our best, 
and we hope that this book has helped cap- 
ture some of the precious moments of your 
college days, and that it will mean some- 
thing to you. We apologize for any mis- 
takes or omissions, and we hope that you 
will be forgiving of any flaws you might 

Special thanks goes to all the people who 
helped us through the rough times. To Be- 
linda Aubuchon, our Jostens representa- 
tive, who was understanding and helpful 
above and beyond the call of duty; to the 

guys at Taylor who helped us with layouts; 
to Denny Sercombe in Public Relations 
who provided us with some wonderful pho- 
tos; to the Student Affairs staff for putting 
up with our complaining; to Kurt Henning 
and Jason Palmateer — you guys are the 
best; to our families; to ECOS and the Fi- 
nance Committee; to anyone else who con- 
tributed photos or otherwise helped us out, 
thank you. We could not have done it with- 
out you. And to Brian — you are more than 
we ever could have asked for in an advisor. 
Thanks for everything. 

We're already looking forward to next 
year's book. (It's going to be great. Trust 
us.) But for now, enjoy this year's edition of 
Reflections . . . and remember, yearbooks 
are forever! 

Melanie Green 
Fritzi Brocklebank 
Nicole Hord